Your Operator Approved Gear Shop

Tier 1 Tactical was established to support Veteran owned companies that produce high quality tactical gear for Military, Police and our everyday Freedom Fighters. We are comprised of real world silent operators from all different backgrounds, with a mission to help properly educate and outfit the modern day Patriots. Tier 1 Tactical is proud to fly the American flag and will gladly die in a pile of brass defending our FREEDOM! We stand by and fight for the members of The Brotherhood… because only those that have been… understand. If you have the same mentality, then you have come to the right place.


Our selection has come by way of sourcing out tough, practical and affordable gear that holds true to our standards here at Tier 1 Tactical. While allowing you to find these approved items all in one place seems like a dream come true, every single purchase also helps a Veteran to grow their small business. We are also growing little by little, and look forward to being able to offer more survival items, tactical gear, weapon accessories, fitness gear and clothing to get your America on. Please be sure to check back as we will be updating our storefront as we continue to link up with other small businesses and expand our product line.


NRA Business Alliance Member